Friday 12 March 2010

Robin Gray's Art slideshow on offer..

My Dad when he was alive did loads of amazing art and drawings see the examples on this blog..I'm very sorry his work wasn't recognised at the time and should of got people buying his work or prints..he was starting to sell a few prints with encouragment from me But died suddenly from Cancer..
He was a Graphic Designer most of his life and drew art in his spare time for pleasure..which give me pleasure and inspiration today..partly why I'm drawing animals today which I would of loved to be able to show Dad..and have been a bigger success then my cartoons at craft fairs I do..
To see Dad's Art slideshow please send me a email and I'll give you the Kodak photos will be impressed..

Sunday 24 January 2010

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Paintings by Robin Gray part 2.

Austin 20.


Chapter 12 Revelation.

Ethnic Memento from an Italian Beach.

Etruscian Farewell.

The cats face does look a bit like me...meeow!:)

Girls Night Out.

Hong Kong Bar.

A Conversation.

Paintings by Robin Gray.


Laterday Lulu.

Movement Sea and Sand.

Old Paris Evening 1933.

Mystrey Morning Agatha Christie Fantasy.

Narrow boat.
As a family we often had weekends on the boat (not a narrow boat quite a small boat) along the River Wey.
The Boat was at the bottom of the garden.
Wasn't a lot of space for sleeping, But great fun.
Mum and Dad actually lived on a houseboat for five years before I was born and my sister.

Snapshot by the Sea.


The Great USA Motel.
Dad sure loved drawing pretty Ladies. :)

The Lost Oar.

Landscape Paintings

Red Waterfall.

Greet the new day.

Highland Drama

Swiss Scene.

The light through the Valley.

Village in Snow.

My Favourites of Dad's paintings

Eelpie Island.
Dad and Mum loved going there.
This painting is huge and impressive.
Very exciting and a real party atmosphere.

Nostalgia Saloon
Love the fact the little boy is reading the Eagle!
Also that they don't have much hair to cut anyway.

Old Pier 1959.
I love this picture a lot..I have it!
It always reminds me of Rolf Harris.
Also the old coin slot machine of Aladdin and The Forty Thieves. With the thieves popping slowly out of the vases.
Its interesting the expression on Rolf..something had upset him..maybe because no one turned up to see the show?
Dad always kept telling me its not meant to be Rolf Harris..its how people dressed in the late 50's.
I think he gave in to me and agreed it did look like Rolf.
Always wondered what an extra leg would look like on the painting...recreating Jake the Peg!

Saturday Morning.
Love the very fast milkman horse and cart going really fast in the background.
Must of been inspired by Ernie sung by Benny Hill.

Sitting in the Sun.
Its our back garden we had in Guildford. My sister had two budgies and they liked being outside in the sun.

Waterloo Sunset.
(inspired by the Kinks classic song.)

Winter of 1947.
I asked Dad to put Read the Beano on the Bus! :)
This is a big favourite of mine.

Childrens Hour caught out by visitors.
Love how they are all very happy and relaxed.
With her curlers in its not the best time for a suprise visitors!

It is possible to have prints of these please email me at-

Deco Dazzlers

Its amazing what you can do with wrapping paper.